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The difference between terrace and balcony

Feb 28, 2018

Actually these are in the time that buy a house to have fastidious. In the house design diagram, the balcony is to calculate the property area, and the terrace is not to calculate the property area inside. So everyone at the time of buying a house must have bullish on the balcony and terrace, etc, because of terrace is generally you don't have to spend money to buy, so find a terrace house is comparative advantage. It's just that the terrace house is usually on the top floor, because it's only on the top floor that you can enjoy the terrace.

So how does the terrace and the balcony differ?

If be outside but the structure that has top is commonly called a balcony, and the balcony is divided into exterior balcony and interior balcony. Outside the balcony is to point to outside but the balcony outside the balcony that does not have window closes. Inside the balcony is to point to outside but the balcony that USES window closes. And the area algorithm of these two kinds of balcony in the house design graph also is different. If it is the interior balcony, the total area counts into the real estate construction area. If it is outside the balcony, that is the area of half of the area is taken into the real estate area. And if it's a patio, it's not even an area. Why is that? Because from the professional point of view, the balcony is not can be the place that people live, so its space is not counted into the area of buying a house. And the balcony is the place that can serve as people to live, so want to calculate to enter certain building area according to its form. So, if you have a bigger balcony when you buy a house, it's a discount. The bigger the terrace, the easier it will be. You can hang laundry on the patio, or pile up some lightweight materials and stuff.

The terrace is also a place for recreation. On the terrace can be a variety of flowers, raising grass and so on, can increase people's recreational time, is the place that people generally like. If conditions permit. Balcony still can use, such as in the balcony builds a lightweight steel structure of the sun room, for the structure under don't need to bear the load of big, so you don't have to worry about terrace bearing problem. The advantage of sunshine room is more, can make a laundry room in sunshine room, or be used to put a ping-pong table of what is very good use value. In fact, sun room in the house design load is relatively small, because the load of steel is very light, and glass also is very light material, so don't worry about bearing problem! But if it is in more formal area, or is not recommended to do the sun room, because the property inspection is strict, so if you built a sun room to be property does not allow, can cause damage, if just put some beautiful flowers and plants is certainly no problem. So if you really want to set up a sun room, will go to the property consulting, if there is no problem, if not allowed, don't spend the money.

It can be seen from this that the difference between the balcony and the balcony is the largest one has no roof, the space is different. In general, than in the balcony of the terrace area, the difference between the two lies in whether a permanent roof, have a plenty of the balcony, no is what we call terrace, general balcony is given priority to with air is basked in, laundry, but the usefulness of terrace can be far more than these, now people like furniture is put in the balcony, high view, enjoy the nature, not only such, terrace more of a social group should be suitable for place, convenient and dinner party, enjoy the cool summer, and barbecue of lampblack not dirty room.