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The iron art of life.

Jan 24, 2018

Architectural decoration categories: including door, flowers, door handle, window, window grilles, column, fence, wai, column, Liang Hua, wall flowers, screen flowers, armrest, eaves, fireplace and so on Furniture: including deng, chair, table, bed, tea table and so on Lamps and lanterns, including street lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, droplight, etc Stent categories: including bookshelf, bench, flower, brand and so on Commodity categories: including tableware, flower basket, etc Decoration: including desk small furnishings, art, etc To see, wrought iron has been integrated into all aspects of people's life, the form of various industries have wrought iron big outdoors, wrought iron, small to indoor, wrought iron is small adorn article.

Iron art is metal, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to damage, easier to maintain and noble temperament. In addition to the above characteristics, the most important reason is the cultural connotation embodied in iron art. The traditional classical iron art conveys a kind of European continental style, foreign culture, and a kind of decorative form which is different from the local traditional culture and art. This kind of decoration, on the texture, with curve arc and geometry is given priority to, design is given priority to with animal and plant (flower), a form of similar Chinese outline and the paper cutting technique, form each other, dot, line, face. The pattern unit is basically a continuous repetition, in which a symmetry point can always be found. It is also useful for stacking styles to make the product feel like relief. The scope of the application of iron art and its artistic modeling, compared with other materials, is nothing special. Its greatest charm lies in the texture, quality and mechanism of the iron. Wrought iron is mainly used for construction, furniture, furnishings and so on, the composition of materials of those increasingly rich and perfect, and in the different characteristics of material, tie yi's unique role can not be replaced, because it is a characteristic of metal. Its materials are cheap and easy to find, durable and durable, and can be processed into various forms using modern processing techniques. Especially in the construction industry, it forms a harmonious contrast with the main materials such as earth, wood, stone and cement, and becomes an important element in architectural aesthetics. At the request of the modern people to the individual household, wrought iron design, want to consider the specific environment of object use, use the adornment style, environment, material, color, etc., at the same time, consider the processing performance of wrought iron, weight. And the combination of other materials. For example, take the big iron gate as an example, if it is designed as a pass flower, it can be cast in one time and then polished the finished product. If the metal seal is closed, the decorative pieces on the door can be welded with cast leaves and castings and can be mounted on the door with a spear point or a column head. The same is true for the staircase.

Therefore, in addition to consider when designing object modelling, style, design, also consider which parts are casting, which are stamping, which is distorted forming (bending machine), as well as their combinations. In the next few years, iron art will play a larger and wider role in people's life.