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The main vines and characteristics of rattan furniture

Jan 02, 2018

Palm cane

Palm rattan is the main raw material for making rattan furniture. There are three genera of palm rattan in China. The main products are from hainan and xishuangbanna area of yunnan. Hainan is dominated by the yellow vines, white rattan, the white cane, the cane and the cane, the annual output is about 4000t, the maximum annual output is 6500t. Yunnan with small waxy rattan, large waxy rattan, the annual output of 1000~ 2000b, the production of the two areas accounts for more than 90 percent of the total output of the whole country, and other regions yield less. At present, some good quality rattan, rattan, rattan GuiNa province, such as path, though a narrow distribution range, resource quantity is little, has not been widely used, but its stem thickness uniformity, good toughness, good processing properties, high market value, thus have great potential for development.

According to the characteristics and texture of rattan stem and the trade situation, the goods in our country can be divided into five categories: the yellow rattan (red vine) type; Small hook leaf vine (including cotton leaf vine and hainan hook leaf vine); A small stem class (10 mm), with small vines, white rattan, shangsi province vine, small white vine, prickly chicken, prickly vine and short shaft; The stems and vines (10mm or less than 15mm in the stem) belong to the genus, including the single leaf, the vine, the vines, the vines and the vines. The genus stem of the genus genus (15mm or less than the stem), including the vines of the leaflet, the vines of the yingjiang province, the vines of the vines, the vines of the verbena, the vine and the mengla rattan. In yunnan, people can be divided into two categories: waxy and rice, according to their understanding of the toughness and strength of cane. Waxy is good in texture, elastic, strong and flexible, with good bending performance. It contains the yunnan vine, the version of the cane, the cane and the chicken vine, which is a good chopping material and can also be used to make the skeleton. Rice vine stiffness, easy cleaving, processing performance, as the skeleton materials, including the long whip province, the cane, mengla rattan, and the hook vines

The stem of the scabbard is called rattan, like bamboo, for solid heart. The epidermis of cane is usually milky white, milky yellow or reddish, some rattan skin surface has spot pattern, commonly known as the cane, have natural adornment sex. There is also the agate, commonly known as the bamboo vine, is the king of the vine, the material is good, the surface color is good, is the more expensive vine material.

Palm rattan is a high quality vine material, it is a wood cane wood, it is the material that the cane furniture is widely used, palm cane furniture is also commonly accepted cane furniture. At the same time, some vine material skin has spot pattern, the furniture that USES such cane to make is also called flower rattan furniture, this kind of furniture decorates better. Can flower cane as furniture modelling design element, how to bake beautiful pattern with artificial method, also worth studying.

Ivy leaves

Green is the characteristic of the wild plant resources in our country, to prevent have woody vines, mainly distributed in shaanxi, hubei, hunan, sichuan and other provinces in China, it is also one of the main raw material of rattan furniture in China. The stem of the ivy vine is solid and rich, and the dry hind skin is beige, smooth and pleasing to the eye, resistant to rot and wear-resisting. It is easy to be cultivated, quick and effective.

Other vine

Such as kudo, wisteria, chicken, etc., also have been used in the production of rattan furniture, mainly used for weaving. Kudzu, a perennial vine of leguminosae, is widely distributed in China, almost all provinces and regions of China.

Green rattan, kudzu, wisteria and so on, in our country folk, also be used on the spot, knitting rattan furniture. This kind of furniture has the characteristic of twists and turns of the material and bending performance and weaving performance of the place similar to palm rattan, and the artistic taste of its furniture is similar to rattan furniture. Of course, this kind of cane weave furniture, in quality and class, all inferior to palm cane to make furniture. But this kind of rattan material, in our country, the literati moke gives its extremely deep cultural connotation. The cane made from these rattan furniture, its literati breath and its implication of peach garden is self-evident, the furniture is deeply cultural connotation.