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The market for outdoor furniture

Jan 02, 2018

The first kind is permanent fixed in outdoor furniture, such as wooden cane chair, imitation rattan table chair, make up cane desk chair and so on. Generally this kind of furniture wants to have good anticorrosion sex, the weight also is heavier, long put outdoors, such as the holiday village has many such outdoor furniture. The second type is the outdoor leisure furniture can be moved, such as cany art, wooden furniture, such as used in outdoor, need not when can receive it in the room, you can also use, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable, need not consider so much strong and anti-corrosion performance, can add some cloth art, etc., the life that occupy the home easy to choose this kind of outdoor furniture. The third kind is can carry outdoor aluminum alloy furniture, such as a small table and eat chair and Roman umbrella, etc., this kind of furniture is made of aluminum alloy and canvas, for light weight, easy to carry, field trips, fishing is very suitable for play, best can also take some outdoor equipment, other kind of burn oven rack, tents, for example, you can add a lot of fun for outdoor travel.

Outdoor furniture variety

There are four or five materials used. Among them, the aluminum outdoor furniture not only appearance vogue, concise, and because the aluminum itself is very light, the whole set of furniture is also relatively light in weight, so in addition to being able to put in the balcony or terrace, can also carry, when you travel is one of the most economical and practical;

In addition to the metal outdoor furniture and a wrought iron, although the iron outdoor furniture after long-term weathering, inevitably will rust, but it is the classical style of the advantages of strong, durable is the main reason why many people preferred it, especially

Imitation rattan tables, chairs, swings, etc., absolutely can assure you to enjoy. Combined with a metal outdoor furniture, is a kind of network made of cloth and rattan outdoor furniture products, compared with metal outdoor furniture, it is relatively young, is also emerged in recent years. Solid wood outdoor furniture, also deeply loved. Having a natural texture

Imitation rattan dining chair, whether it is with stone material, wood ground, or garden of woody plant, it is easy to blend in harmony, let you completely blend into the atmosphere of nature. Moreover, the color of solid wood desk and chair can also be arbitrary, can according to the plant distribution and type in the courtyard, even be completely individual preference to go up lacquer color. Among the many solid wood materials, the most expensive is teak, but its use is not comparable to other wood quality. Simple, solid, transparent, surface texture natural, comfortable, easy to repair, and so on.

What color is outdoor furniture popular in 2018


Black has always been a popular favorite, and winter is no exception. The sofa of bai di black flower is unique and eye-catching, contracted atmosphere. This design no matter on color or decoration slightly cold, doesn't seem suitable for winter, but if you put down a large film of carpet, can completely solve this problem, for a slightly cold brought thick warm sitting room, let you have charm, no shortage of temperature at the same time. Elegant space colour, only black and white color piece of each other, aloof, a "cold" imposing manner, but any fashion focus on collocation, for at this time the household, the best match is the choice material quality moderate furniture, black and white tonal cold feeling, will inadvertently be replaced by a kind of warmth. At the same time, cloth, wool products furniture, decorations are the best choice in winter clothing, warm decoration two.


Red is the color of warm, sexy and exciting. It is a color that brings the hope of action. It is the color of love and passion. It is hard to resist its seductive charm. Bright colors continue from spring to winter, but in the winter, bright red can change the cold of loneliness. The red sofa that sets off white metope is enough to make person excited to forget the existence of winter. Red and green collocation, can produce strong contrast effect, make the room appears full of vigor, return to spring feeling.


White represents a kind of simple, a kind of pure, a kind of vogue, a kind of contracted life sentiment, at the same time contain big, show quiet, diffuse warmth. White behind the landing would be vaguely revealed green scenery outside the window, white floor standing quietly beside yellow hang a picture, next to a fashion vase with a bunch of flower arranging brightly blooming, soft winter sunlight lightly every corner in the sitting room, all through mutual coordinate, the look is a very sweet.


Golden yellow is the imperial color of the ancient royal family. It is a symbol of wealth and wealth. It often gives people a sense of resplendent and noble style. Yellow is not only that kind of temperament, yellow also is full of sunshine vitality, it is like sunflower full of vigor. Full, luxurious, dazzing, the golden age is the royal unique color. This year aureate is full of life of every corner, many furniture design is covered with aureate coat "luxurious".