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The origin and material of cane make furniture.

Feb 07, 2018

The cane makes furniture whether put in indoor or garden, can give a person with strong rustic flavor and light and refined taste, with its primitive, relaxed characteristic gradually obtains consumer favour. So what kind of materials are made of rattan furniture?

The vine is a prickly palm vine that grows in tropical forests. Cany on the natural environment in the process of growth and even the entire ecosystem is highly beneficial, it can adapt to the degradation of forest and barren soil, still can not disturb the original ecological structure and the balance in natural forest, the forest resources of recuperation, recovery is very important.

The origin of rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture varieties in the world. It was first brought to Europe by European merchant ships in the 17th century. The basket, which was found in Egypt, dates back to the year 2000 BC, and in ancient Rome it was often seen in the portraits of the officials who were sitting on the wicker chair. In ancient India and the Philippines, people choose rattan to make all kinds of furniture, or will be cut into very thin and flat with his cane cane, edit into all sorts of design, do the back of the chair, cabinet door or cane implement. The best vine in the world comes from Indonesia. Indonesia is located in the equatorial rainforest area, all the year round sunny, rain water, ash soil nutrition is rich, rattan wood variety, large output, cane thick and symmetrical, uniform color, good quality.

Chinese rattan furniture traditionally.

Mainly yunnan tengchong, xishuangbanna, hainan, fujian, guangdong, China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and other places, shaanxi hanzhong area is the main production area of green rattan furniture. After the liberation, in yunnan, cane implement industry has brought to the attention of the party and the government, kunming, tengchong, ruili, (3), jinghong, mong-la, jiang, green in the spring, has done cane field processing factory (workshop), folk and many mie JiaGongHu cane. Rattan furniture production today is still mainly concentrated in yunnan, southern China and shaanxi hanzhong region, the existing nearly hundred cane implement processing plants in southern China, has a modern large rattan plant near guangzhou, in guangdong province town of the south slope of the south China sea, rattan furniture workshop and shops, to them as the center radiation around China, such as shenzhen, guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, nanjing, Qingdao, tianjin, zhengzhou, the city is the capital of the country into the production of rattan furniture

Chinese rattan furniture is based on palm rattan furniture.

Green cane furniture is important complement, it is the green furniture that has environmental protection performance. The main types of rattan furniture products are chair stool, sofa, tea table and decoration class, and other classes, but relatively few production. It is used in family living room, tea room, coffee shop and hotel. Main furniture products based on rattan core classes in the majority of furniture full enrichment, rich visual tension, sit feeling soft hard is appropriate, the furniture is a combination of smooth and rough, touch kind, color to color, white, cherry red, and brown for, or elegance, such as simplicity, or deep, builds a strong romantic feelings; The furniture of rattan class also occupies a certain portion, with their peculiar graceful and graceful and carefree and carefree, practical and function perfect union, reflect the personality characteristic that takes "people first".

Rattan furniture mainly has two kinds: bracket and braid:

Support materials: anti-corrosion, moth-proofing, crack prevention and other treatment before use. In addition to bamboo, also can use steel pipe, cane, willow, plastic and other production support. Woven material: mainly used rattan material. Rattan can be processed into rattan, rattan and rattan skin, and the part used for weaving is rattan skin. Common rattan, rattan, and wild rattan, etc. The family members used for weaving rattan furniture mainly include bamboo rattan, white rattan, red cane and palm rattan. Known as the "king of the vine", the bamboo rattan is known as the "king of the vine" and is the most expensive of the fine vines, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Among other things, kudzu, wisteria, chicken blood cane, etc., are also used to produce rattan furniture, mainly for weaving. Go to scabbard stem in the cane furniture industry to call cane, like bamboo, for solid. The epidermis of rattan is usually milky white, milky yellow or light red, some rattan skin surface has speckle pattern, commonly known as spot cane, have natural adornment sex. On the cross section of the vine, the proportion of the outside is not consistent, the skin part of the rattan is larger than the other, and the proportion of the rattan ruler is small. The weight of the large variety of rattan material is poor, the proportion of the small change of the cane material.