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The origin of outdoor advertising umbrella.

Jan 19, 2018

1: what is an outdoor advertising umbrella?

As a carrier of advertisement publicity, advertising umbrella is deeply loved by advertisers because of its practicability, durability and good self-image. Advertising umbrella, as the name implies, an umbrella advertising. There are: straight rod umbrella (also known as the straight bone umbrella, folding umbrella (also known as: folding umbrella, folding umbrella), umbrellas (below specification is less than the 19 inch umbrella, golf umbrella, sun umbrella, beach umbrella, fishing umbrella), etc. Advertising umbrella as a novel modern advertising carrier, high liquidity, bright color and good visual effect, its pattern design is not restricted, structure can be arbitrary selection and beautiful and durable, reasonable price, and other advantages, become an important form of advertising. Advertising umbrella refers to the advertisement sun umbrella, umbrella in the sun on its product is advertising umbrella, advertising umbrella USES is very wide, from all walks of life are put eyes on advertising umbrella, and advertising, but also as gifts to send, kill two birds with one stone. The advertising umbrella is very popular.

2.The evolution and development of advertising umbrella.

The advertising umbrella comes from the sun umbrella, which comes from the umbrella. There are two broad types of solar umbrella: one for use.

To block the sun umbrella for the sun umbrella (in hand), one is fixed at the side of the road, scenic area, garden, community, newspaper kiosks to block the sun umbrella (fixed shape larger), commonly referred to as an umbrella, but the first one says at ordinary times the sun umbrella, refers to the second. Now it has been developed into a wooden sun umbrella, aluminum alloy sun umbrella, unilateral solar umbrella, banana sun umbrella, fishing sun umbrella.

The sun umbrella comes from an umbrella.

Umbrellas have a long history in China.

There are records of umbrellas in the Chronicles. During the spring and autumn period, the wife of the famous craftsman lu ban created a portable umbrella. As the umbrellas began to be made of silk and silk, the price was too expensive for the people to buy, which was regarded as the authoritative symbol of the aristocrat and the high priest. After the han dynasty, people used the cheaper paper to make umbrellas. In the tang and song dynasties, the paper oil umbrella began to popularize people. In the qing dynasty, the flower umbrella was painted with fine workmanship. In the 1930s, the Chinese invented the folding umbrella for the first time. Up to now, the umbrella has developed by ancient umbrella for paper umbrella, umbrella cloth, nylon umbrella, automatic plastic umbrella, umbrella, many varieties, used for umbrella umbrella stand of material also from the earliest development of bamboo and wood for steel, aluminum, plastic, resin fiber, organic glass, and so on.

Chinese umbrella was introduced to Japan and southeast Asian countries in the tang dynasty, introduced to Britain in the 18th century, then spread to Europe and the United States and around the world, made of silk and lace parasolette was particularly popular, is the lady carrying essential supplies. But the parasols weighing 4.5 kilograms, the 19th century, the umbrella began to be light, will become a out the essentials of folding umbrella. Fall is silk qualitative tassel long umbrella, tie-in dress feather, pinch pleated lace umbrella, umbrella and luxurious bud silk umbrella, etc., like a variety of fashion style, make a person dazzling. Outside garden for a walk, walk, visiting relatives and friends, out to the summer, people in different season different occasions wear different clothes, of course to match different umbrella, umbrella becomes a very important part of overall modelling from the decorations in the decoration and collocation also reflect a person's intelligence quotient (IQ) and grade.

Umbrella to shelter from the wind and the sun life appliance, but with the development of the era and the continuous improvement of quality of life people, its value is beyond the scope and practical, absorb the strong fashion color, become the symbol of elegance. Especially since the 21st century, the umbrella of the increasingly rich color, style design, fabric is more and more exquisite, with different clothing, different seasons and different environment, with a variety of purposes. The invention and use of umbrellas are one of China's great contributions to world culture. Umbrella culture is an indispensable part of Chinese ancient culture. Because of the use of solar umbrellas, the sun umbrella has been advertised as an advertising umbrella.

3: the meaning and function of advertisement umbrella.

Facing the increasingly fierce competition of modern social enterprises, to expand the popularity of enterprises, let the products have competitive advantages, the most effective way is advertising! Advertising umbrella as a form of modern novel advertisement carrier, it not only have great mobility, colorful and good visual effect, can not restricted, and pattern design structure can be arbitrary choice, beautiful and durable, high quality and low price, and other advantages, has become an important form of advertising, advertising umbrella with other form incomparable advantages: 1, wide coverage, advertising umbrella can reach the other forms of advertising can not reach, advertising without blind spots. Users walk through the streets every day, and wherever they go, they do it. As long as you take a small amount of charge, there will be thousands or even tens of thousands of people, or all in the name of your brand logo, around every corner, and every umbrella can influence between 500-1000, advertising effect is immeasurable. 2, liquidity: advertising umbrella possesses the advantages of go where advertising is, regardless of sunny or rainy day, walking in the streets, it is a separate flow advocate free advertising. 3. Promote corporate image: the advertising umbrella has the function of overcast rain and sun shading, which is an indispensable daily necessities for both men and women. Companies send out advertising umbrellas to help them make their own advertisements.

Let the customer feel a kind of enterprise concern, let the enterprise image and reputation a thousand miles. 4, impressive: a theme is an umbrella, go is an independent form of advertising, whether it is sunny or rainy, advertising umbrella can create an irresistible visual impact, and for the owners of advertising umbrella, memory of enterprise image is a prison and prison. 5, inexpensive: advertising umbrella, low cost, quick production process, consumers deep impression and 1 1 square meters of advertising light box 1 years of advertising will be 1000 yuan, 1000 ordinary advertising umbrella also can only do 10 advertisements; A bus body advertisement advertisement cost to an average of 1 year more than 10 yuan, with the same more than 10, ten thousand yuan if can do nearly 10000 umbrella, umbrella can basically covered the streets of a medium-sized city. 6. Lasting advertising time: the service life of advertising umbrella is generally 3 to 5 years, which can be used for long-term and repeated advertising, which is a reliable form of advertising.