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The outdoor tent is well known.

Jan 26, 2018

The tent is carried in a part and is assembled after arriving at the site, so various parts and tools are needed.

Knowing the name and usage of each part, familiar with the structure of the tent, can put up the tent quickly and conveniently.

The fabric

The waterproof fabric technical index is based on the waterproof degree.

The splash water is only the appearance of AC or PU. It is generally just a game account.

Waterproof 300MM is commonly used in beach tent/shading account or cotton cloth used for dry and light rain.

Waterproof 800MM-1200MM for conventional simple camping tent.

The waterproof 1500MM-2000MM is used to compare the middle-grade tent, it needs to travel for many days.

The waterproof 3000MM is usually a professional tent, which can be treated with high temperature and cold resistance.

Bottom material: generally, PE is the most common, and its thickness and weft density are the main quality. It is better to use the Oxford fabric, and the waterproof treatment should be at least 1500MM.

The inner fabric is usually breathable nylon or breathable cotton cloth. Quality depends on its density.

Support the skeleton

Glass fiber tubes are commonly used, and the materials are usually fiberglass, and the diameter is different.

It is more important to measure its quality.


There are several types of tent stents:

1. Elastic steel: these are usually children's accounts or beach games.

2. Most commonly, fiberglass tubes have a range of 6.9/7.9/8.5/9.5/11/12.5. The thicker the steel, the weaker the softness. Therefore, whether the stent selection of the fiber tube is reasonable is determined according to the scale and height of the ground, and it is easy to break through thick and thin.

For example, 210*210*130 is the classic size, and the tube is usually 7.9 or 8.5.

3. Aluminum alloy skeleton: relatively high-grade, according to the alloy matching test is also difficult, generally its original frame of the overall curve of the arch, is calculated first and then the thermocompression set treatment. The characteristic is light carry convenient main still not easy to fold, but the quality is bad easy to bend deformation.


1. It is divided into: leisure account, wild camp, mountain account, advertising account, engineering account, disaster relief account.

2. Quarterly function: summer account, three season account, four seasons account, mountain account.

3. According to the size: single account, double account, 2-3 person account, four persons account, multiple accounts (base camp)

4. According to the style, it can be divided into single, double, single, double pole, tunnel tent, dome, half double deck...

5. The structure is divided into: metal bracket tent, and yituzhufan inflatable tent.