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The present situation and development trend of outdoor furniture market.

Feb 27, 2018

Outdoor furniture is still limited to vocabulary, in the field of professional outdoor furniture range, solid wood, iron, aluminum alloy, plants, PE imitation rattan cane, copper, plastic wood, rafa Lin cloth, stainless steel, glass steel, stone, sandstone, etc., style diversity, modelling is novel, the applicable scope is wide, from the garden, to the municipal engineering, commercial street, community, scenic spot, and family, etc.

At present, the whole outdoor furniture market is mainly export-oriented, domestic sales are auxiliary and two-way growth trend, but the sales volume is much lower than the export. From the domestic sales area, the coastal areas are more than the inland, the first-tier cities are more than the second and third-tier cities, and the large developers use more than small developers, and the use and development are extremely uneven.

The present situation of outdoor furniture market has several points:

1.    Decentralized production, small scale enterprises, some scale enterprises are mainly export-oriented, a small amount of domestic sales;

2.    Quality good and bad are intermingled, outdoor furniture industry is given priority to with micro, small and medium enterprises, there is no uniform industry quality standards, quality control basically is to rely on enterprise boss's requirement and production experience and consciousness of the workers, so the quality of the products on the market the good and bad are intermingled;

3.    Design innovation ability is insufficient, generic serious, about 80% of the enterprises is to sample, to map processing, the enterprise without their own research and development team, some images from web search or foreign websites, screenshots, by production enterprises according to experience, than the image production and processing;

4.    Labor intensive, from personnel of course of study is given priority to with 40/50, industry development is late, mechanization degree is not high, or difficult to mechanized production, mass production is difficult, manual operation occupy the seven more than eighty percent of the whole production process. Because of the working environment and the reason of labor intensity, it is rare for young people to engage in this industry and lack of new generation to enter this industry. What is the future of this industry after 20 years? A considerable part of the process is done by experience, not by pressing a button, and without years of work experience accumulation cannot be achieved by quality;

5.      Profits are declining year by year, entering the era of meager profit. Import threshold is low, the industry has years of production experience or a few technical workers group, looking for a factory configuration some simple tools can open factory, small business operation cost is low, in order to order to reduce the price, the industry competition is intense, interacting each other. At the same time, the rental rent increases year by year, the overall trend of raw materials is rising and labor is high, and there is one in this industry.

6.    Phenomenon, high cost, low price. Especially the export of products, profits are lower, or even to no profit, but also for the sake of orders and interacting each other, not only shopping around, now foreign trader price pressure three even, quality requirements are not reduced, spelled a life price pressure, make manufacturers suffer! Today, I heard a friend complaining to the exporter about the previous profits. The exporter comforted him by saying that the price should be adjusted higher in the year.

Facing these circumstances and the environment, outdoor furniture industry to go?

1, on the basis of keep the existing market share, increase marketing efforts, from the field into the ordinary people, expand civil market, civil market potential is tremendous, but the difficulty is not small, but by the power of the enterprise or industry association is not enough, in order to ensure the benign and healthy development of the industry, want the government to dominate the intensify propaganda, for ordinary people to understand the outdoor furniture. The number of workers in the outdoor furniture industry is not to be underestimated, and the placement is of low education and high age.

2, unified industry standards, improve product quality, if there is no way to prepare the national standards, can be compiled by the industry association of regional industry standards, and then promote the enterprise to improve the quality of the whole industry standards;

3, improve the industry research and development ability, increase product added value, together with the present situation of industry, outdoor furniture industry in the majority with small micro enterprise, can find a research and development and production of phase separation, the development of the industry set up a professional research and development company focused on the development of new products, development as a patent product at the right price to sell to the production enterprise production and marketing. At the same time, we will step up efforts to combat copycat piracy and protect intellectual property rights in the industry.

4. Improve the degree of mechanization, mass production, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The relevant departments of the state will cooperate with industry associations and large enterprises to develop relevant production equipment and encourage enterprises to use them, so as to improve the production capacity of enterprises and industries, reduce production costs and improve international competitiveness.

5. Improve production environment, reduce labor intensity, attract young people to obtain employment, and reserve the reserve force for industry development. This is not something that a single enterprise can do. It must be guided by policies and participation by enterprises. If you don't change the present situation, after ten years or twenty years, now practitioners into the twilight, withdraw from the labor market, the industry's production only to transfer the economic underdeveloped countries, then we buy a outdoor furniture had to import declaration.