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The protection of rattan table and chair in the logistics of outdoor furniture

Aug 29, 2017

Outdoor furniture to a simple and elegant, light and elegant features, as a city landscape and family garden an important part.

Be loved by users inside and outside the province. Goods sent to the province or remote areas, because the road is far away, can arrive at a station of logistics companies very few.

After several twists and turns, improper protection, there will be deformation, damage. How to do a long distance logistics, so that the goods are perfect to reach the hands of customers, the details of the treatment is the key. The practice of Comfort garden outdoor furniture Co., Ltd. is worth learning.

We know that the outdoor furniture is the aluminum profile Kato structure, its main features are lightweight. In the process of logistics, will inevitably appear disorderly throw disorderly pressure, man-made damage phenomenon. Therefore, the first task is to arrange a one-stop logistics company to reduce the midstream turnover link. Second, in the commodity packaging should be eye-catching labels and precautions, such as: pressure, careful glass and so on.
Rattan Leisure chair can be fixed by the high rack. The pile height protects the chair's foot not to deform at the same time, more saves the space.

Long (positive) table, sofa, and shaped outdoor furniture protection:

For long (positive) square table, sofa, and special-shaped outdoor furniture protection, in addition to the conventional carton packaging, it is important to the location of their feet protection. The four corners of the board are fixed by the cross crossing method. Such a packaging method, will not be due to road bumps, emergency braking caused by the collision of goods damage.

All security factors, from the management of details. Details from the customer's satisfaction, from the customer's good reputation.