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The reclining method of different materials.

Jan 18, 2018

Wooden deck chair

Clean note: first with a soft brush from inside to outside, first blows dust or vacuum suction again, then use slightly wet clean white cotton cloth to wipe it again, again with dry white cotton cloth to wipe dry, with small power finally blow dry. Maintenance precautions: a primary maintenance should be made every quarter, such as using floor wax or car wax to wax the surface. Avoid placing furniture in damp, unventilated places to avoid mildew; In addition to place furniture in indoor ventilated and dry place, the surface had better cover the material with dustproof.

Wrought iron chairs

Cleaning attention: to regularly dust outdoor dust, the metal folding chair will fall on a layer of dust. This layer of dust can affect the colour and lustre of the iron art, and then cause the damage of the iron art protective film, so it is necessary to wipe the outdoor iron art facilities on a regular basis, and it is generally good to wipe the cotton fabric with soft parts. Maintenance precautions: beware of moisture. If it is just general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured of the rust of the iron facilities. If it is foggy weather, apply dry cotton cloth to wipe the beads of the metal. When it rains, dry the beads in time after the rain stops.

Cane chair

Clean matters needing attention: it is recommended that the cane makes up furniture surface collecting dust place more, clean can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again or with a soft brush from the inside to the outside dust brushed first, then with a wet cloth to wipe it again, finally with a soft cloth to wipe clean can. Maintenance precautions: direct sunlight will cause the vine to fade and dry, and should be avoided in direct sunlight. Keep away from fire source and heat source, avoid long exposure, or easy to deform, bend, crack, loosen and remove. After use for a period of time, can use weak saline to wipe a test, can decontamination already, can maintain its flexibility, still have certain insect repellent effect. Primary cane to make furniture renovation processing method: first, clean and dry, after use sandpaper furniture pergola, make skin besmirch purify and restore smooth, then a layer of light oil protection is to have a new effect.

When we enjoy the comfort that the deck chair brings to us, also want to pay attention to the maintenance of deck chair can provide the service life of deck chair. Note that there is a difference between reclining and maintenance of different materials.