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The right sun umbrella buy tips

Dec 20, 2017

Choose a parasol according to your purpose

There are two types of sun umbrellas according to the classification: one is the sunscreen black with the function of reflecting ultraviolet rays, and the other one is the sunshade with the higher shading rate. The former is suitable for people who do not want to tan their own, while the latter is suitable for those who are afraid of strong eyes but not afraid of tanning people, so when buying a parasol to buy according to their needs.

Pay attention to the color of the sun umbrella

Many people buy a parasol are concerned about the color of the outside look good, but the color of the parasol is also closely related to its effectiveness. If the interior of the parasol is a shiny, light color, it is easy to pool the ultraviolet light reflected from the ground so that people can be tanned even when the parasol is sunk. Therefore, the fear of tanning people choose the sun umbrella, should pay attention to choose the internal is black or cyan dark blue and other products.

Choose not easy to heat the material

The general use of silk or linen and other materials produced by the sun umbrella solar heat can be isolated from the umbrella, the umbrella is not easy to feel hot, in addition, the thick material and double parasol also has a good thermal insulation, more worthy of everyone buy. On the contrary, the sun umbrella made of chemical fiber and polyester fiber is not easy to dissipate heat, and it is particularly hot to walk in the sun with such an umbrella.

Do not use an umbrella for more than three years

Sun umbrellas are subject to the sunshine baptism every day in the sun, the passage of time the material will have some wear and tear, resulting in the gradual lowering of the reflectivity of ultraviolet light. No matter how careful you are when storing the parasol, the life span of the parasol is only 2-3 years. Once the shelf life of the parasol is reached, do not hesitate to change to a new one!