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The size of the deck chair is generally.

Jan 18, 2018

Standard size of deck chair.

The deck chair is widely used in hospital escort chair, siesta chair, outdoor leisure chair and so on. And reclining chair is more because of its convenient and practical, folding agile, take up space small, carry convenient and so on characteristic, be used extensively in travel recreational, office nap and so on. The average deck chair is 70cm wide and 120cm long. But the reclining chair also can according to different use and design, the specification also is different.

The size of the deck chair is 1.

Usually, the recliner should have enough length to support the placement of the legs when we sit on them. Usually they are not only beautiful but also comfortable to sit up. However, there are always things that are against the norm. These spacious lounge chairs, or 100 x 68 by 16cm, are available, mainly depending on which ones are suitable for various sizes!

The size of deck chair is 2.

Just to buy a furniture store, you can find, chair of the world how rich and colorful, small make up to furniture stores on-the-spot investigation, found different on the couch, also is not the same size, but there is a small, specifications in almost 165 x 65 x 110 cm. This small, delicate recliner gives you the experience of living in a protective framework that is not only durable but also luxurious.

The size of deck chair is 3.

If you are interested in the design of surrealism or minimalism, the reclining chair of minimalist design will be worth your attention. Such reclining chair does not have any specific digitized specification, but generally is thick steel tube surface is soft and comfortable leather material. It's unique. Let a person lie in it and experience a sense of weightlessness near zero gravity. It can also be put in position according to your mood and needs, and it can stand upright as a working chair and shake as a small bed for naps. Variety.

The size of the deck chair is 4.

On the base of the ordinary chair, the back of its back is lengthened, and then back to back, but the Angle is greater than 90 degrees is less than 180 degrees, it is a kind of small bed that can be half lying. When you are tired, you can lie on it for a while and keep your eyes closed. If the deck chair that USES cane to make, its specification had better be 110 by 58 * 16cm, such more show fashionable and humorous. The rattan lounge chair is suitable for placement on the edge of the swimming pool, because its cane reclining chair is crevice, can lie on top of it, dry the water.