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The swing chair

Jan 30, 2018

Swing chair is a chair with swing character, general is put in recreational area or the family balcony or dining-room, can satisfy the need of family life and leisure, be popular with everybody.

Swing chair purchase.

1. When choosing a swing chair, you need to find out the material of the swing chair. You can choose according to your preference and the characteristics of different materials.

2, the choose and buy cane kind of swing chair, you first need to see is rattan weaving process is meticulous and lightsome, swing chair on the surface of the paint is uniform and so on, if there is no paint protection of rattan swing chair is easy to damage.

3, choose wooden swing chair, usually in indoor place is relatively few, wooden swing chair is close to natural color, it is the choice that outdoor pendulum is more appropriate.

What are the characteristics of the swing chair?

1, the use of rattan woven swing chair, is a more upscale swing chair type, USES is for woven by hand, using special cool summer, bring infinite cool and refreshing feeling.

2. The iron swing chair is a kind of swinging chair with a sense of feeling. It has a strong sense of modernity and future. It has a good viewing ability, and the quality of the swing chair products is also very good.

3, bamboo basket style swing chair, looks modelling is simple, and is suitable for single rest, design is very artistic feeling, warm afternoon, sitting in a cradle swing chair, is a very pleasant thing.

Swing chair cleaning and maintenance.

1, the different material of swing chair clean method is different, often use the cane to weave the swing chair, need often clean on the surface, for is not easy to clean, can brush the paint again.

2, wrought iron swing chair, clean, avoid direct touch water, easy to cause, wrought iron swing chair, rust, etc., can use dry cloth to dust on the surface is wiped, also can use a vacuum cleaner dust removal.

3, swing chair rotational parts of the connection point is frequent sports place, often use, there will be wear and tear, in order to guarantee the safety of the use, need to connect swing chair parts regularly check.