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The world's most classic six chairs.

Feb 02, 2018

1.    The Chair of the Womb Chair

The uterus chair, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1946, is made of fiberglass, molded by moulds and is firm and perfect. The surface of the chair is made of wool flannelette, and the whole product is smooth and wrinkle-free. There are elastic sponges on the bottom of the whole chair. The chair foot is stainless steel tube, very good mirror effect, the light illuminates the person, every detail is smooth without pothk. , sand (Eero Saarinen, 1910-1961) was a famous American architect and industrial designer, his furniture design with high artistic quality and strong breath of times, and with its architectural design, with distinct characteristics. Saarinen unceasingly in the furniture, especially by creative design on the chair, he designed the chairs have been strict physics, mechanics, human body engineering experiment, shows that he strict scientific attitude. He created world famous designs such as Ball Chair, Womb Chair, Tulip Chair, Bubble Chair and Soap Chair.


Barcelona chair, what is it about? To put it this way, it can appear in virtually any home design magazine in any country, while the rich or designer in the west will put on a few of them. This chair is a classic of modern furniture design. The Barcelona chair was designed by the designer mises at the 1929 world fair in Barcelona and was designed to welcome the king and queen of Spain, in harmony with the famous German pavilion. This oversized chair also clearly shows a dignified and dignified identity. The expo Germany pavilion is the representative work of missy, but due to the unique architectural design idea, there are no suitable furniture instead of putting on, so he had to specially designed Barcelona chair to greet the king and queen. It is supported by an arc - shaped stainless steel frame, which is very graceful and functional. Two rectangular leather cushions make up a seat (cushion) and back. The chairs were all hand - made, beautiful and functional. In short, it lays a development direction for contemporary sofa - the combination of leather and steel. It sells for tens of thousands of yuan.

3.    ToliX metal chair [any place with a bar has ToliX]

Classic French Tolix metal chair, a tasty with attitude chair, founded in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard design, in fact, it is early for outdoor furniture design, after being spoiled by fashion designers all over the world, it is smooth from outdoor extension to the household, commercial, display, and other purposes. But this chair is a career-best are well in all kinds of space, outdoor material will match the American village, smooth outline model is very suitable for northern Europe contracted, languid is lazy temperament is typical French style restoring ancient ways, clear conscience fashion one hundred take the chair.

4.    PANTON pan east chair [because it is so beautiful, you may need to buy another house for it]

It may be older than our users, but it looks much younger than us. The Danish Panton made the chair in 1968 as the world's first one-piece, one-piece cantilever chair, which ushered in an era.

How to decorate a little young ever covet it, but really have not a lot of people, it is not difficult to buy (its imitations abound in the market), is it too fashion, fashion and considerable design collocation, had no pressure it... In 1959, panton was designed according to the human body curve the s-shaped monomer to cantilever chair, but there was no material can solve this chair design of cantilever supporting, panton chair once became a panton "theory". It wasn't until 1968 that pan found a piece of plastic called reinforced polyester, which turned the design into a mass-produced physical product. Soon, as the world's first plastic chairs, with its future use, streamline and other special features is popular all over the world, become a kind fashion occasion "guest", this kind of treatment continues to this day.

5.    EAMES Ames chair [the small shop without Ames chair is generally not artistic]

Eames chair, a series of ten kinds of products, favored by more than 60 years, the most remarkable characteristic is, disposable seat surface made of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, the seat surface can be placed above three parts, namely "Eiffel Tower" base, conical metal or wooden pillars, or as a rocking chair of two pieces of arc plank. So far, any small art shop will be equipped with several eames chairs. Designers Charles and Ray Eames couple is the most influential designers in the 20 century, they brought up together to furniture design to a new trend of modern fashion, elegant, concise, the modelling of functional aesthetic feeling, give attention to two or morethings Eames, design work, always clearly tell people contracted and humanized design and quality.

Do manual work

1.    The bending plate is composed of seven layers of wood, and it has natural color and texture. 2. Aluminum feet: there is a black lacquer 5-star aluminum foot (Herman Miller version) or silver polished aluminum foot (Vitra version) available. 3. Seat, backrest and handrail join the high elastic sponge, the chair can rotate 360 degrees, with feet. 4. Comfortable and elegant. It can reduce the pressure and eliminate the fatigue effect. 5. Wide range of application and elegant lifestyle. The Eames Lounge Chair is sophisticated and modern. It is completely designed for comfort, and the modular plywood base with a combination of leather pads is very creative and ergonomic. Simple and modern, interesting and balanced, sleek and elegant.

Origin of chair

In 1950, Charles and Ray Eames faced a new challenge to design a chair that was both economical and lightweight, sturdy and high-quality. Inspired by Eiffel Tower in France, they use a curved reinforced plastic manufacturing and forming the classic chair, beautiful appearance and practical function make the Eiffel eat chair immediately popular, popular today.

Name chair features:

1.    This item is Eames, a member of the Plastic Chair series, comfortable Chair is added glass fiber reinforced Plastic shell design to production, in combination with a variety of different foot pedestal to add the use of diversification, it is worth mentioning Eames Plastic Chair innovation technology and material, enabled it to become the world's first a single Chair by a large number of manufacturing. 2. Nowadays the innovation of science and technology, the full range of Eames Plastic Chair finally manufacturing, and name it using recycled pp environmental protection material, to make a graceful seat shell, not only the lighter weight, and has better heat resistance and chemical resistance. 3. This model adopts the maple wood raw material which is deeply loved by consumers as the design of the chair foot, elegant and elegant, which brings warm breath in the room, and is the best choice for you to enjoy nature.

6.    The rolls Royce in the Sliver chair [owns Sliver as an investment]

Interstuhl's Silver, with its first seat in the 21st century, was a stunning 2004 Orgatec chair. Interstuhl originated in the 17th century is known as the blacksmith process Link family, in 1961, is committed to producing high quality office chairs, Interstuhl brand built in 1967, Intel for International (International), stuhl for Devon chair. Rigorous manufacturing philosophy, ergonomics, functionality, comfort and aesthetic design perfect combination, largest Interstuhl but not Europe office chair manufacturer, the laboratory is the eu quality standard authentication institutions, makes Interstuhl indicators and leading brand of office furniture. In 2004, the 20 millionth chair was born, which is more representative of monumental significance. Silver is made of 80% Silver aluminum alloy which forming die casting, tie-in mercedes-benz grade leather, in view of architecture design radius of circular tilting device, left and right sides only control joystick control seat lifting and tilting back lock. Can choose special patent hollow shape wheel chair or transparent chair foot with five claws, presents an elegant, more noble, more rear seat designer's autograph, let a person feel like getting a piece of art. Its designers, internationally renowned architects Hadi grasps "the product design is a miniature building" design philosophy, the pursuit of a perfect BaoHao concept, in which the style is unified, main minimalist style, present to the future. Due to numerous awards, including the Red Dot, the IF design award, AIT innovation award in 2004, Chicago NcoCon gold medal award in 2005, the Silver has become a modern classic, especially in the future, in the enjoyment of life, with Silver became a kind of investment.