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Type of umbrella

Jan 19, 2018

Umbrella assortment

1, there are only three types of functional partitioning:

1. Manually open the umbrella.

2. Automatically open an umbrella.

3. Open and closed umbrellas automatically.

After have different umbrella manufacturers in these three umbrella above pattern of renovation and functional improvement, made more easy to open umbrella, let use umbrella only need to use the original half or one third of the combined strength can be open or closed umbrella, also cannot leave the three big functional scope.

2. The variety of umbrellas is divided according to the number of broken umbrellas.

1. Straight bone umbrellas, only one section of the stick's umbrella, cannot be folded, the customs tariff code is 66019900, into other umbrella classes.

2. Folding umbrella (including two umbrellas, three umbrellas, four umbrellas and five umbrellas), the folding umbrellas are collectively called folding umbrellas, and the customs code is 66019,100.

Three, according to the flower color breed can make bigger subdivision.

1. According to whether there are suits, we define umbrellas as plain umbrellas, which are pure colors, umbrellas with only one color, and umbrellas (with printed patterns).

2. According to different market interests, we define European flower umbrellas, South American umbrellas, Asian umbrellas and so on.

3. According to the production process, we divided the umbrellas into hot transfer umbrellas and ordinary printed umbrellas.

4, traditional division way.

1. Solar umbrella: refers to the sun umbrella, or parasol.

Umbrella: umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella.

The umbrella is still called umbrella.

4. Beach umbrella: a beach umbrella, usually larger than 1.2m in diameter and with no handle and needs a base umbrella, called a beach umbrella.

5. Advertising umbrella: refers to the advertising or advertising content of the merchant for promotional activities, the umbrella of the merchant's logo, which is usually presented as a gift or a low price promotion, which is called "promotion umbrella".