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Use: used in field investigation, camping, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood prevention and long term residential use.

Jan 26, 2018

The new couple can take part in some activities, have certain experience and then purchase according to their own needs. The tent is mainly for use, considering its design, materials and wind resistance, and then considering the capacity (how many people can sleep), weight and so on.

The general camping tent is mostly Mongolian, 2-3 carbon fiber tent pole, providing better rain proof performance and certain windproof performance, and better air permeability. The four seasons account or high mountain account is the tunnel type, 3 above the aluminium alloy curtain rod, there are a lot of ground nails, the wind rope and other auxiliary design, the material selection is more durable. But many mountain tents are not rain-proof, and they are usually heavy and not suitable for weekend outdoor travel (except in extreme winter conditions). The climatic conditions of spring, summer and autumn in the surrounding areas of Beijing are not too complicated. Winter is characterized by high cold and strong winds.

The tent is mainly considered for durability, wind and rain resistance, etc. The good three seasons are the EuroHike series, Holiday and so on. EuroHike due to the defect of the structural design wind sex is not very good (of course also depends on the skill camping), Holiday is a very classic account of the four seasons, but somehow already discontinued, now on the market are fake. Winter mainly USES the mountain account, at present the market has a lot of brands, fish and dragon, the performance is very good, but also mostly fake. Fakes don't always mean low quality, and sometimes you can pick up excellent quality and reasonable price products, which requires vision, patience and luck.

Choose to use

1. Whether the space provided by the tent's size tent is suitable is the most important indicator for choosing a tent. How tall are you? Does the tent provide enough length when you are comfortable in your sleeping bag? Is the vertical space adequate? Do you feel like you're sitting in there? The longer you plan to spend in the tent, the more space you will need.

If you go to a cold place, you may have to prepare dinner in a tent, and you need a tent with a special vent. A little hot coffee or instant noodles can make you feel comfortable, but if you use a stove in a tent, there's plenty of room in the tent to keep it safe. Tent manufacturers often overestimate the number of people in the tent. A pitch for one or two people often means that when a person is using it, it is sufficient. But when two people use it, they may throw all their food and food out of the tent. This is a question that must be taken into consideration when choosing a tent.

When buying a tent, don't forget to take it to your camping site. If you're traveling by car, it means you can be more comfortable, because you can bring heavier and larger tents. But if the tent is to carry it all day long, the weight problem becomes a major problem. Carrying an overweight and more than needed tent can only inflict pain on the journey.

If you're just going to sleep in your tent for a few hours, you don't need to bring a big tent. If you just want to rest in your tent, take a cheaper, lighter tent. However, it is necessary to build a camping base and transport large, expensive tents with vehicles.

Some travelers to the campsite, lake and sea picturesque and right place to live, live in a tent is a few weeks, in this case, the tent more feel at home, who all want to live comfortably spacious some.

Pay attention to


Try to set up tents on hard, flat ground and not camp on river Banks and dry river beds.

It is best to see the morning sun in the south or southeast, and try not to be on the ridge or top of the mountain.

At least have grooves, not by the stream, so it won't be too cold at night.

The entrance to the tent is a leeward, and the tent is away from the Rolling Stones.

The camp is located in sandy land, grassland, or debris field. In order to avoid the rain, the tent is flooded, and a drainage ditch should be dug under the top of the canopy.

To prevent bugs from entering, you can sprinkle a circle of kerosene around the tent.


When camping, use the column not to rush, want the shortest time to complete the cover, sometimes will cause the column of the crack or the metal ring loose, it is best to carry a three-inch long aluminum tube backup.

Different manufacturers have different designs for the pins, ranging from six to eight inches, T, I or half moon, and spiral-shaped spikes for hard, rock, or snow. Of course, the trunk or branches near the camp can also be used as a pin.

After the construction of the camp, the unused articles will be put into the tent. The post joints will be loosened and the adhesive will be used. If the tent is lost, the tent will not be combined. If you want to have a good dream in the mountains, it is better to pay attention to some joints, such as corner, column joints, etc., and strengthen them, even if there are no problems in the bad weather.

The four corners of the tent should be nailed up. Check to see if all the fires are extinguished before going to bed at night, and whether the tent is solid or not. Before the tent is folded up, dry it and then wipe it clean. During the snow period, you can use the snow to wipe clean, do not dirty sleeping bag, or put the tent upside down to dry and wipe clean.


Use: used in field investigation, camping, exploration, construction, disaster relief, flood prevention and long term residential use.