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What are the types and characteristics of modern rattan furniture?

Aug 29, 2017

First, according to the material division: divided into natural Todohe imitation rattan (plastic vine) two categories
Now rattan furniture in our country is based on natural rattan furniture, is a green furniture with environmental performance. Rattan wood and timber, Zuege, glass, steel and other materials combined with the furniture to give people a refreshing feeling, with fresh appeal.

Second, by Product type: The main type is Chair stool class, sofa class, Tea table class and decoration class of several categories
Rattan furniture products are the main types of chair stool class, sofa class, Tea table class and decorative categories of several classes, there are other classes, but relatively few production. The furniture for the family living room, teahouse, café and hotel is mostly. The main furniture products are mainly rattan core class, full and full of furniture, full of visual tension, sitting feel soft and hard, furniture melts smooth and rough as a whole, touch kind, color to true colors, white, cherry red and coffee for many, or elegant, such as simple, or deep, to create a thick romantic feelings; rattan furniture also occupies a certain amount, with their unique melodious and free and easy, practical and functional perfect combination, embodies the "people-oriented" personality characteristics.

Divided by style: can be divided into modern class, antique class
In the style of furniture, modern concise and lively rattan furniture mainly under the circumstances, absorbing classical solid wood furniture (foreign, domestic) charm of traditional style cany furniture with its luxurious and elegant features show a great market competitiveness, high price.

Four, in the furniture structure, not disassembly-style rattan furniture accounted for the vast majority of individual is folding-style nested rattan furniture.
Applicable to outdoor plastic rattan furniture prices lower, practical beauty, but also the first choice for outdoor use.
In short, rattan furniture has shown a diversified, personalized characteristics.