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What is a chair? What kinds of chairs are there? What kind of chair is good?

Feb 02, 2018

1, origin

According to the records, the name of the chair was first seen in the tang dynasty, while the image of the chair was traced back to the hu bed in the north of the han dynasty. There are two images of two people sitting in a chair. In the cave paintings, there are women who sit on benches and cross-legged benches; There is a woman sitting on a stool in the stone carving of the dragon gate. These images vividly depict the use of chairs and stools in the family of official aristocrats in the southern and northern dynasties. Although at the time of the visitors has the shape of the chair, stool, but because there is no chair, stool at the time, people used to call it "hu" bed, in the temple, commonly used in meditation, so it is also called zen bed. After the tang dynasty, the use of the chair gradually increased, and the name of the chair was widely used to separate from the category of the bed. Therefore, the origin of the chair and stool must be discussed from the hu bed in the han and wei dynasties. Before the tang dynasty, there was another explanation for the "chair", which was the "car side", which was the railings of the car. Its role is to rely on people to ride. The later chair, in the form of a fence on a four-legged platform, was inspired by the side fence and called it a "chair."

From the existing information, the tang dynasty has a rather exquisite chair. The five dynasties to the song, the high type is more popular than ever, the form of the chair is also much rise, appear the chair of chair, armrest, arm-chair, etc. At the same time, according to the difference of the hierarchy, the shape, material and function of the chair are different. The furniture of the five dynasties to the song dynasty retained the tang dynasty, but it was more popular than before. The chair is called its ancient and simple, although for many centuries it was a common use. Chairs exist because at least during the early dynasty. They are covered in cloth or leather, and wood carvings are much lower than today's chairs, which are sometimes only 25 centimeters high. The chairs in ancient Egypt seemed to have been enormously rich and brilliant. Old ebony and ivory carvings and gilt wood, supported by expensive materials, ornate designs and the number of animals or captives of the legs. In general, the higher the rank, the higher, the more flamboyant is the chair that he sits on, the greater honor. The pharaoh sits on the throne in a state of great importance, often far away from a footstool in front of it.

2, the species

According to material classification: solid wood chair, glass chair, iron art chair, plastic chair, cloth art chair, leather art chair, bubble chair and so on. According to use classification: office chair, dining chair, bar chair, recreational chair, deck chair, special chair etc.

3. Common chairs.

Coffee chairs

South Korean designer Sunhan kwon designed the Coffee Chair, which is designed as a silhouette of a Coffee cup, and the handle of the cup can be used to hang clothes and bags. There are black, white and brown colors, which are very suitable for the cafe.


There are armrest of the back chair, except for the armchairs and chairs, the rest are called armchairs. Its style and adornment have simple also have complex, often and tea table cooperate complete set, with four chair two a few place on two sides of hall, make symmetrical display.

Massage chair

The principle of massage chair is to imitate artificial massage, but it is to use mechanical roll power and mechanical force squeeze to undertake massage. Massage chair can use sway, finger press, knead, knead and other massage technique to undertake deep massage according to the human body curve. When people sit in a massage chair and enjoy the relaxation of their whole body, it is as if someone is beating their backs and rubbing shoulders.

Swivel chair

The upper part is not very different from the style of the general chair, but there is a kind of rotating shaft called "the only leg" under the seat, so the body can be rotated at will. The time that swivel chair appears is not too early, it is Chinese furniture to absorb an outside style a kind of sit chair earlier.

Rocking chair

A rocking chair. "He and we shook hands and sat in a rocking chair." One study showed that the most likely swing beat was consistent with the heart rate, at 67 beats per minute. It was based on the results of the study that the rocking bed swung at about 5 centimeters, gradually slowing down and eventually stopping.

Cany chair

Bamboo is used to make various kinds of chair frame, rattan skin tangles made of various kinds of chairs. Accordingly, there are rattan chairs, rattan armchairs, rattan chairs and other varieties. The cane chair is breathable and elastic, had better choose the chair that has backrest, and put on a footstool, let the leg can be laid flat, prevent lower limb ischemia.

Round-backed armchair

The armchairs are developed from the chairs. The most obvious characteristic is the circle back is attached to the armrest, from high to low one shun, the arm that can make a person is leaning on the armrest when leaning on, feel very comfortable, quite be liked by people. The shape is round graceful, the body is plump and vigorous, it is one of the chair styles that our nation has unique characteristic. Later, gradually developed into an indoor enclosure. It differs from the chair in that it does not cross the legs, and USES four legs, which are made of wood, which is indistinguishable from the chassis of an ordinary chair. Only the upper part of the chair is still in the form of the chair. Most of these chairs are arranged in pairs, not much alone. The seat ring of the arm-chair is curved, so it is coordinated with the round material. Most of the armchairs use the light element method, only in the back of the center relief a simple set of patterns, but all very shallow. The back board is made of the "S" curve, which is based on the curve of the human spine, and is a typical example of the scientific nature of the Ming style furniture.

Deck chair

Deck chair to have appeared in the qing dynasty new USES one of the furniture of style and function, at the end of feudal society of China technology and craft constantly improve, people pay more and more attention to quality of life, life appliance classification is more and more thin, furniture also produces some corresponding varieties such as chair. The deck chair still has a lot of other name, "before bed chair", "warm chair", "easy chair", "spring chair" wait, be the different appellation of the deck chair of a certain style. The materials used in the modern recliner can be: mahogany, bamboo, cane, aluminum alloy, etc.

Folding chairs

For centuries, folding chairs have been considered one of the most important pieces of furniture and a symbol of social status. In ancient prose, folding chairs are not only for seating, but also for formal occasions and ceremonies. Folding chairs were among the most important pieces of furniture in ancient Egypt. The development of folding chairs began around 2000 ~ 1500 BC, and the first folding chairs were the special seats for military commanders on the battlefield, as well as symbols of power and prestige. As time goes on, the folding chairs are always a symbol of power. The folding chairs in Egypt, and the subsequent Greek and Etruscan (ancient Italy Midwest), together with a folding chairs, became the prototype of the Roman folding chairs, in the period of the Roman republic, Sellacurulis chair began extensive civilian court. From the "Sellacurulis" chair in Rome to the "Sellaplicatilis" of the lombards, to the "Faldistorium" of the Carolingian empire, we can see a change in form. Cross the legs of the chair on both sides of the chair and turn to the front of the chair. This is to emphasize the intersection of the "X" structure, showing the symbol of power. The best example is the seat of theFranconians king Dagobert I. Before the Renaissance, the typology of folding chairs appeared. We found that the 16th-century Sediadellaforbice chair (scissor chair) inherited Faldistorium's characteristics. But the two main differences: the 'chairofpetrarca' and the 'sediaatenaglia' succeeded the 'Savonarola' and the 'dantesca', and their legs crossed back to the sides of the chair. In the baroque period, chairs with cross-chair legs did not fold, especially in the period of Louis xiv to Louis xvi, and the 'X' structure was a symbol of exclusion. Napoleon's battlefield seat "Fauteuil" comes from the old French "Faldestoel", and the roots are derived from the Latin "Faldistorium". As the folding chair itself becomes a popular seat, there is a variety of forms and production techniques. Also because folding chair already does not contain too much power and exalted symbol, so this also led to new function, new design development. By the end of the 19th century, folding chairs had been the design of the utilitarian, and various forms of use had emerged. Folding chairs have a long history of military use. It needs to have a forthright and compact appearance, and to meet the characteristics of durability. When it begins to display aesthetics, people have memories of it. But it has never been beautifully designed. Napoleon chair Fauteuil from old French Faldestoel ", "the name of the roots from the Latin for" Faldistorium ", in the past the naming of folding chairs with dignity and noble meaning, which napoleon chair "Fauteuil" as the name of the chief seats.


All chairs without armrests are called back chairs. Back chair because of the change of the brain and backrest, often have many patterns, also have different famous.

Fitness chair

Name: ABLounge multi-function leisure and fitness chair enhancement, new type of slim fit chair (ABLounge or ABchair) CCTV1990RMB (in China, fitness chair), a new generation of revolutionary health equipment! Small area, easy to collect, easy to use. Ab fitness chair special design, so that you can carry out a wider range of motion, to achieve a surprising result! In addition, the handle part is changed to the steel tube, the four straps, the foot step is changed to the length and length adjustable, more in line with the human engineering design, more practical. There is also a new bottom 5 activity bolt, plug in, can be fixed as ordinary seat, as household items, adjusting pins, have the fitness chair to exercise kinetic energy. Add a workout calf and a pedal wheel.

Multi-functional chair

Multi-function massage chair is a kind of recliner which USES microcomputer to control the whole health. It has rolling pressure, beating, soft kneading integrated massage function, can eliminate the human body time work fatigue. It adopts the motion track that accords with the human back curve, and has the function of leg vibration or rolling massage. Can choose a variety of different massage ways and massage part massage, achieve the ideal massage effect. Among them, JEye (Jane eyre) is the most famous ergonomic computer chair in China.

Fast eat chair

[words] a chair for a fast food restaurant. The classification of fast food chair is divided into: real wood chair, steel wood chair, curved wood chair, aluminum alloy chair, metal chair, cane chair, plastic chair, glass steel chair, acrylic chair, board chair and so on. Fast food chair usage trend: the fast food chair that the fast food restaurant USES is the steel wood chair, and the most representative of the steel wooden chair that fast dining-room USES is the KFC table and chair.

4, maintenance

1, for the new purchase leather chairs, first with water soaks towel, twist dry erase after dust and dirt on the surface of the chair, again with care agent to wipe gently leather surface, one to two times (do not use waxy care), in the form a layer of protective film on the surface of leather, make the deep dermis pore dirt not easily in the future, easy to clean. 2. Avoid cutting leather with sharp tools. 3. Avoid oil stains, ballpoint pens, ink and other dirty leather chairs. Such as found a stain on the leather chair, should immediately with leather cleaner cleanness, such as no leather cleaner, can wipe gently with a clean white towel touchs a few alcohol stains, then use dry wet towel to wipe dry, nursing with protective agent finally.

4, leather chair daily nursing with twist dry wet towel to wipe, about 2 to 3 months with leather cleaner to a clean sofa, or use the household vacuum cleaner to suck in addition to the leather surface dust, etc. 5. In order to prolong the service life, children should be prevented from jumping and playing on the sofa, and the body of sweat should not be directly touched with the chair. 6. The real leather chairs should be placed 5-10cm away from the wall to keep ventilation. 7. To avoid direct sunlight to the real leather chair, such as the living room is often sunny, it may be possible to set a few real leather chairs at a time to prevent the color difference; If the humidity is bigger, can take advantage of the weak sunlight reaching 8 up to 10 o 'clock in the morning for seven days, every day 1 hour, about three months for a 8, selection for leather maintains fluid maintenance regularly. When using, wipe the surface with a small amount of each dip, and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth to prevent drying or discoloring. 9, once touched the fizzy drinks, etc., should be dealt with immediately, in order to prevent to prevent water and sweet infiltration within the wool stoma, at this time should be dedicated to leather Ma Anzao, stained with sponge to circle, on her way to the center of the dry with a soft cloth.

5 the choose and buy

With a strong practicality, it can be found in every room. Its main function is to make people rest, so its comfort is the main criterion to measure the quality of a chair. Most people choose double chair commonly, choose comfortable sex strong, this kind of chair in the bedroom use, can lie can lie down, also can wear clothes, can a multi-purpose content, also can put in the living room, using different colors create a leisure good mood. When choosing a double chair, there are two considerations: function and material. In function the double chair can satisfy two or three people's demand, specific according to the number of bedroom family member and decide. The common materials are cloth and leather. The fabric is easy to be cleaned and replaced, and can be replaced by seasonal changes. The leather chair can be distinguished, but it is not suitable for summer. The use of single chair to the space USES more area big person chair, sofa is more mutability. The individual chair because of its circle back modelling is different, in the use of space also have different function use, if use properly can show host's character, can not be able to be self-clumsy; High back single chair, suitable for home use, can convey a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; Streamline modelling, color contrast is intense, have strong visual aesthetic feeling chair, suit single noble or studio very much; Personal style strong recreational chair, reclining chair, rocking chair, suit to put in the space a corner or balcony, as the conversion station of mood.

6 comfort

Whether the seat is comfortable is related to the size of the body. The population is different from the crowd. In general, the northerners are tall, the southerners are small, and so are North America and Europe. There are differences between men and women, and there are differences between individuals and individuals. So, shu is uncomfortable, try to know, mainly see the following points:

1. Seat height: should be equal to the length of the calf. After sitting down, the calf will fall naturally and the feet will fall to the ground. Too high, crus hanging, under the thigh under pressure too much too long; The seat is too low, the thighs are not on the seat, the weight of the body is concentrated on the buttocks, and it will be uncomfortable for a long time. 2. Deep seated: with the seat as the main seat, the depth of the seat should be equal to the length of the thigh. The bending of the knee joint should be right on the side of the chair. The seat is too deep, and the back of the knee is not falling. The seat is too shallow and the thighs are not sufficiently supported. 3. Material for the chair and back: both should be "soft inside" type -- the bracket should be strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of the elastic layer. The most outside contact material should be breathable, wear-resistant and dirty, and it is not easy to generate static electricity with the body or clothing. 4. Seat back: it is best to have full or partial support to the waist, back and neck. The longer a chair is, the better it will be. The dining chair is used only when dining, can ignore the neck, and the office chair is best able to take care of. Imported furniture is often more suitable for people in the country of production.