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What is a patio

Feb 28, 2018

Modern terrace, become one of the conventional building, is the intersection of the indoor and outdoor landscape around, around with indoor different atmosphere, is to beautify the part of the household, the ideal terrace can increase the quality of life

The terrace can be divided into the following categories according to structure and type:

Classification by top material: glass top, bridge aluminum roof, degao tile roof, color steel plate roof.

According to the facade material classification: feng aluminum bridge aluminum doors and Windows, xingfa bridge aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum clad wood doors and Windows, plastic steel doors and Windows. Classification by structure: steel structure, aluminum structure, steel aluminum structure, wood structure, composite structure (including steel wood composite structure, aluminum wood composite structure) adjustable light type (application of high-tech dimming glass).

Classification by location: patio, garden terrace, patio balcony.

According to modelling classification: the creative top seal the balcony, the combination top cover the balcony, modelling top seal balcony, the one inclined top cover the balcony.

According to the factory classification: Beijing gujia doors and Windows cover the balcony, Shanghai kaiyue, shenghai doors and Windows, youbo and esideo, etc.

Various terraces system classification: inclined roof skylight system, intelligent shading system, natural ventilation system, energy-saving low-e glass, water system.


City people usually like to put furniture on the terrace, enjoy the view, enjoy nature, and do not have to travel to the other side, freehand, enjoy a rest. Because the balcony outside the wall is prominent, the sunshine is sufficient, be suitable to be planted grass in the room, drying clothes. In addition, the terrace is a suitable place for social networking, convenient for parties and dinners, and a cool summer away from the heat.

Even balcony surrounding scenery is not optimal, tiny enough to dinner party, terrace and storage purposes, as a transition space, balcony not outside, but do not affect indoor, therefore can be put sundry storage in the terrace, convenient easy to take.

In business, a dining room with a patio is also one of the selling points of the food, attracting the likes of style, ordering wine, watching the sunset and appreciating the moon.

In the west, because the structure of the form is different, so the earlier, terrace development area is lesser, traditional Malta, the balcony is the outline of modern terrace, but is actually the closed wooden platform, from the wall a little extension, but the balcony, choose color rich and unique material texture, adornment theme also enrich the urban space. Hanging in the courtyard of the balcony, usually built with stone, wood and metal, foil with flowers and leaves, the shade for avenue and hutong, balcony will carve the beast, the angel figure or clever cheney.

In the seventeenth century, Europe was influenced by the baroque style of wind, and the building was always a patio. But by the 18th century, the terrace had become a status symbol, and the upper class had a terrace, and the aristocracy would have adorned the palace terrace. In addition, the balcony has religious significance, often of the diocese of the cathedral has terrace, religious rites, terrace in sage portrait or statue, and the newly elected Pope a papal conclave, will be the first to the basilica terrace say: "the city of Rome and the world" (Latin: urbi et orbi), and accept the congratulations.

Like the ancient Chinese terraces, the western patio will have a similar stage use for singers, musicians, and so on. In addition, French fashion is called the French balcony building style, in fact, French patio is not the balcony, it is but the baluster attached window, there is no outstanding platform. Later, the terrace culture developed and modernized with the western influence, becoming one of the modern conventional buildings.