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What is the price of the deck chair?

Feb 02, 2018

The deck chair is not only suitable for the office, but also can be taken home as a piece of furniture. However, before we get to know the price of the deck chair and the purchase skill.

The price on the couch

A deck chair is about 100 to a hundred, the deck chair product of different specification, price also can change. In addition, the type of deck chair is various, especially the material aspect.

How to choose a recliner?

1.    Weight: the core of the deck chair lies in the main frame structure -- the steel pipe, the steel pipe, the whole frame is strong. How to decide, the most intuitive way is to look at the weight. The same style, heavier, indicates that the steel pipe material is thick and does not cut corners.

2.    Two, see material: it should be noted that some of the products in order to reach a certain weight, will be some waste, cut the foot material or small section of the pipe into steel pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of gaining weight. Such a chair is very easy to bend a steel tube to fall, need oneself several heart eye to notice.

3.    Look at the process: adopt the spraying process.The surface of steel tube is high hardness, wear-resisting and luster. However, if the process is used, the surface of the steel tube is relatively easy to produce scratches, resulting in easy oxidation and rusting, and no luster. If you can't imagine the process of spray painting, you know the advanced security door, its surface treatment will be used to use the spray process. So you can buy it according to your needs when you buy it.

4.    Look at the details: quality comes from the details. The details are also different because of different factory equipment and technology. The main attention is two points, one is to see whether the steel pipe is rough with burr; The second one is to see whether the "active joints of steel pipes" have arc treatment. If you ignore these details, you can easily be hurt by sharp burrs or sharp corners in the process.

Hope today about deck chair analysis, can bring help to everybody's purchase.