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What kind of swinging chair is good?

Jan 30, 2018

On the swing, as the wind swings, the memory is fixed here, seems to forget all the trouble. The swing is a lot of people's heart love, so home furnishings, indoor swing chair - how should the outdoor swing chair choose?

The choose and buy of indoor swing chair - outdoor swing chair skills, steel swing chair choice: due to the inherent in the steel properties, such as high hardness, steel system often than other kinds of swing swing with more beautiful appearance. Delicate tie yi tie, elegant flower basket is extremely European romantic appeal. The connection between the swing seat and the swing frame is a chain of shackles, which can adjust the length of the chain according to the height of the individual height, thus changing the height of the swing seat. The swing surface is covered with anti-rust paint, which is better waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

Indoor swing chair - outdoor swing chair of choose and buy skills, wooden swing chair choice: as you all know, general wooden swing has a drawback, that is at the time of swing, the wood will issue the crunching noise, therefore generally not suitable for placed in indoor. But in many cases, a swing seat is made of chemical fiber rope on the gallows, rather than with metal or wood, so the rope swing with wooden frame, friction sound small, according to the actual situation of their families and themselves, can also be placed in rooms.

Indoor swing chair - outdoor swing chair of choose and buy skills, cane chair swing choice: hand-woven rattan swing quality of a material is light, no paint coating on the surface, so don't worry about coating volatile harmful to human body health, but with no paint protection, cane swing cannot be affected by the rain, so only suitable for placement in the interior.