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Wood preservative wooden swing chair production methods introduced

Dec 22, 2017

Wood swing chair good or bad

Wood preservative wooden swing chair, we all know that the general wooden swing seat is tied with chemical fiber rope wood preservative, instead of metal or wood, so the swaying rope and wooden frame friction sound smaller, according to The actual situation of their own and family, it is possible to use the room for a long time.

Wood swing chairs, hand-woven rattan swing lighter texture, the surface paint and other paint, so do not worry about the issue of paint volatility on human health hazards, but because there is no paint protection, rattan swing can not be affected by rain, It is therefore only suitable for indoor use.

Wood preservative wooden swing chair practice

1, Imagine the design of the swing style, or find a sample map for reference. Take anticorrosive, carbonized American southern pine, or Russian Scotch pine and other suitable for outdoor conditions some of the carbonized wood preservative logs (decorative city sale, it is best to use the same up and down the rough and its diameter of about 70mm above the logs , Or 7 * 7mm square wood).

2, prepared on the diameter of 8-10mm * 100-160mmj screw, cap; electric drill and a number of wood drill of various sizes, adjustable wrench, measuring tape and wood saws and other tools. According to the design or with reference to its size, the log will be qualified according to the figure after cutting the hole marked, and then according to their size drilling.

3, according to the map with the prepared screw, nut and wrench to assemble some varnish can be. If it is used outdoors, 1-2 years on the varnish maintenance time.

Wood preservative wooden swing chair is a lot of people want to buy, but sometimes afraid of fake is not really not durable anti-corrosion materials, it is really difficult to achieve the requirements of many people, for their own production of wooden swing swing chair and solid Durable, is a good choice. After all, we are not professional do not have to understand so thoroughly, just superficial understanding on it, so good for preservative wooden swing chair, and its production process to explain hope to be able to help you.