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A Beautiful View Of The Awning Sun Umbrella Garden Sun Umbrella Outdoor Umbrella

Aug 03, 2018

Spring, the sun shines. The weather is good, the mood is OK, spring should go out for a walk. Hangzhou West Lake tourist Scenic area more beautiful scenery, that is, outdoor awning, Sunshade, the application, with the weather temperature, outdoor supplies manufacturers are more busy up, the use can be in the hot summer, for you to bring a trace of refreshing. 

Why outdoor sunshade is so popular, through the following content, we do further understanding and understanding.

Variety of outdoor Awnings: swing-arm awnings, Canopy awnings, window awnings, French awnings, fixed canopies, etc. control system has a number of controls such as manual, electric, flashlight and landscape rain control. Outdoor awning function and characteristics: can completely block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature, reduce air-conditioning load. Energy saving effect: According to statistics, the installation of awning in the window and do not install the awning to compare, can save up to 60% of refrigeration power consumption. In the office, high-rise,


  Places such as schools and public places with large windows are installed with external shading system, which is of great significance in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. Outdoor Awning Commercial Uses: is the advertisement company, the real estate company, the food company, the beverage company, the café, the bar and so on well-known brand enterprise advertisement propaganda best carrier, regardless of private garden. A terrace, a window of a sunny house or room, It is also an outdoor commercial pedestrian street. It all makes you stick to the natural sunshine of life. Its supporting tables and chairs can be suitable for the hotel balcony, the use of Atrium leisure area. Elegant, concise, stylish, unique European style. Meet the different needs of more consumers.sun umbrella garden sun umbrella outdoor umbrella