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Outdoor Furniture Makes Home More Comfortable

Sep 29, 2017

Outdoor furniture also has "tall"

Reporters in the home store to see, outdoor home products used in a variety of materials, there are iron, solid wood, rattan art,. The table is also dazzling, wood, iron, marble, granite, slate, tile and so on. According to the outdoor furniture supplies sales staff, now outdoor furniture is also stress health, environmental protection, in addition to the use of materials in line with environmental requirements, in the material also fully upgraded.

According to the introduction, in outdoor products, iron products can be regarded as a more substantial, durable products. Its surface is basically through electroplating or oxidation treatment, the material itself is relatively strong mechanical properties, and not easy to wear, so the application is more extensive. However, iron has the disadvantage of easy rust, so consumers in the selection needs to know whether their products have been anti-rust treatment.

Imitation "rattan" furniture into "darling"

When it comes to nature, it is a rattan outdoor furniture and solid wood furniture. The reporter learned that rattan outdoor furniture and solid wood furniture because of its natural nature, can be properly integrated with the courtyard, so more by consumers like. But because the durability of rattan furniture material is poor, easy brittle crack, so in recent years appeared PE rattan product. PE rattan products belong to the plastic simulation rattan outdoor furniture, not only the price of a lot cheaper than rattan system, but also save the rattan furniture need to maintain trouble. And this kind of PE imitation rattan products in September, Guangzhou furniture exhibition is very popular. The exhibition furniture manufacturers on the PE imitation Rattan products have been designed and upgraded, the product application of PE teng and aluminum alloy together to prepare the Rattan beach chair has a modern sense, but also with natural wind.

In addition, because modern people to pursue a comfortable life, so the soft fabric of outdoor furniture gradually more up, the soft cloth is the people like, so even if the wood quality of the framework, and now to add a soft cloth, so that the outdoor life more comfortable feeling.

Space planning is also required for outdoor furniture placement

Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture does not have special functional requirements, so it is not necessary to chairs. Outdoor space planning should be personalized, depending on their own needs.

If there is only one floor terrace in the house, you may choose to buy a wooden or rattan outdoor leisure table with the same or opposite color as the interior furniture. Together with two square stool, and decorate a few pots of low green plant beside it, not only can let narrow balcony become spacious some, but also can create a si small courtyard scenery.

If you live in a vaulted house, you can be more dressy about the big terrace. If the area is large enough, the table, chairs, umbrellas can be used, but also in the surrounding dotted with some of the high tropical green plants, or put on a simple oven and a long table, so that the air barbecue can be open to the party.