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Teach You How To Judge Outdoor Rattan Tables And Chairs Rattan Dining Set Rattan Furniture

Aug 03, 2018

Rattan furniture is a major part of the outdoor furnishings, outdoor tables and chairs are the quality of the people in the purchase of the most concerned, anyway, no one wants to buy their own carefully bought outdoor furniture just one-time.        

    So what should be the quality of outdoor tables and chairs? At present, outdoor rattan furniture has a safety standard, the standard number is en581-1:2006, this is from the EU standard, which stipulates a number of outdoor tables and chairs for the safety, requirements, and no outdoor furniture quality requirements. In this regard, also need to buy a lot of their own grasp. From the point of view of use, the quality of outdoor tables and chairs should have the following aspects of quality: 1, strong and stable. This is the basic quality of outdoor rattan tables and chairs.     


Outdoor table and chair mobility is relatively large, suffered more bumps, if this outdoor tables and chairs are shoddy or even "tofu slag", in the use of a fragile, it brings customers the casual experience will be negative. 2, good surface protection. This reflects the practicality of outdoor tables and chairs, not only feel good, for outdoor tables and chairs themselves protection is also very important. For example, aluminum alloy tables and chairs or iron tables and chairs, the surface is often used rattan craft, so not only feel good, beautiful style, on the table and chair material surface also plays a good protective role.           

As we all know, iron exposed to the air is easy to rust, then use PVC rattan to prepare a protective layer on the surface of the iron chair, the surface of the paint layer will not be easily damaged. 3, high safety. The standard en581-1:2006 mainly emphasizes the safety of outdoor tables and chairs, and requires the construction of the edges, corners and edges of outdoor tables and chairs to avoid harm to the users.        

Of course, safety is premised on the construction of outdoor tables and chairs to be solid. 4, the design is reasonable and humanized. Outdoor tables and chairs are part of the modern leisure system, so they should be presented to the users more beautiful and comfortable, such as swimming pool chairs to have adjustable height of the backrest, balcony tables and chairs preferably have wide handrails and comfortable backrest and so on.rattan dining set